Sunday Supper in the Suburbs

Sunday supper at the new condo.

Sunday supper at the new condo.

Last Sunday we were invited to dinner with friends who just moved into their new condo after relocating back to Memphis from Virginia. It was such a treat seeing their new home and welcoming them back! Our relaxing Sunday supper started out on the patio with crudites and wine watching Bill master his grill. For me, watching a man grilling in his own space is a thing of beauty. This is how you spend Sunday summer evenings in the South. Their lovely patio is decorated with splashes of red and opens up from double French doors off the dining room.

Judy and Bill's lovely patio at their new condo.

Judy and Bill’s lovely patio at their new condo.

It was quite an elegant menu for a Sunday night. Bill made his famous caesar salad, which would have been a very satisfying meal by itself. In addition, they served steak and veggie kabobs and Judy’s baked onions in foil, which are fabulous! For dessert, it was key lime pie. The table was lovely, and was set with lime green and red fiestaware dressed up with black and lime green place mates in a geometric pattern with black linen napkins. The built in china cabinet in the dining room is a nice touch and displays some of Judy’s red fiestaware.JudysChinaCabinet

After dinner, we took a leisurely stroll through the new neighborhood with a glass of wine. The weather was gorgeous, which is incredible for the first of June in Memphis! We wrapped up the evening watching a rerun of the final episode of
Season 3 of Downton Abbey. What synchronicity given that we saw the original episode together following a dinner party at our house a few months earlier! It was lovely sharing it with them again. My husband and I are voracious Downton Abbey fans and cannot wait for Season 4!!! It was a lovely ending for a lovely Sunday supper in the suburbs. We are so glad to have our dear friends back in Memphis.


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