A Spring Celebration Salad Follows Water Aerobics

As I mentioned in a previous post, Lexington, KY is one of my all time favorite places to visit. It’s the second largest city in Kentucky and is the horse capital of the world. For a foodie like me, this town is a perfect example of what gracious entertaining means. Last week, three of my girlfriends decided it was time to start an exercise regimen. Kudos to them! In addition, they decided the exercise of choice would be water aerobics at the clubhouse pool in the gorgeous condo golfing community of Griffin Gate. Now here in Memphis, I’m pretty comfortable declaring that most of us in Memphis would head to the nearest Backyard Burgers following our workout for a healthy turkey burger on a wheat bun with french fried sweet potatoes (yum!). However, that’s not how it works in Lexington. The exercise date is just another excuse, as if they need one, to cook something elegant and decadent to celebrate the beginning of a new regimen.

Keeneland Entertains, Traditional Bluegrass Hospitality and Favorite Recipes by Fran Taylor

Keeneland Entertains, Traditional Bluegrass Hospitality and Favorite Recipes by Fran Taylor

“Kentuckians don’t have a lock on hospitality and favorite recipes, but perhaps as one of the most northern of the southern states, they just might try harder when it comes to exhibiting the best traits of Southern hospitality . . .” So following the water aerobics class, the ladies headed back to the condo for a heavenly lunch of Spring Celebration Salad and Peach Cobbler from Keeneland Entertains, Traditional Hospitality and Favorite Recipes, validating the quote from the Cookbook. (I am the proud recipient of my very own signed copy that adorns my coffee table.)

Spring Celebration Salad, page 185, is a delicious light lunch and makes a fantastic entree. It is perfect to prepare right before heading off to the races (or water aerobics.) The recipe is based on a popular Swedish dish, which has a lot of ingredients and requires some advance preparation, but is simple to put together. Serve it with a crusty french bread and a good white wine. The ladies enjoyed, Louis Latour Ardeche Chardonnay. A perfect choice! This chardonnay is an elegant pale yellow with pleasant flecks of green. The aroma is fresh almonds and florals. AAAhhh.

Colorful Spring Celebration Salad

Colorful Spring Celebration Salad

This beautiful salad contains Swedish deveined shrimp, crabmeat, mushrooms, petite sweet peas, chilled asparagus, green onions, red onion, capers, boiled eggs, and garnished with basil. Isn’t it lovely??

You are probably thinking, what a delicious and filling little lunch. Who needs dessert? Well think again. The graciousness continues with a lovely Summertime Fresh Peach

Summertime Fresh Peach Cobbler served in french souffle dishes.

Summertime Fresh Peach Cobbler served in french souffle dishes.

Cobbler from page 233. This cobbler is so gorgeous and comes out of the oven resembling a fluffy french souffle. Do you agree? Tradition has it that this wonderful recipe is enjoyed on hot evenings in Lexington following the Keeneland summer sales. It’s a great way to enjoy the abundance of the season – fresh peaches!

I must close this post now and prepare for my morning ritual of 30 minutes on the elliptical machine followed by 15 minutes of free weights at our local YMCA. I can’t imagine having having this fabulous lunch waiting when I return . . .maybe I should try the water aerobics class . . .


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